Paola Barrago is a London based fashion designer specialised in womenswear with a strong interest in contemporary craftsmanship as a continuity between tradition and modernity.


She graduated with a BA (Hons) Fashion Design at London College of Fashion - University of the Arts London and has always been interested in the relationship between fashion, art and self expression.   

The Collection

Synthesis was inspired by the concept of psychological cubism, a way in which different psychological states and aspects of the identity can coexist simultaneously within a single individual. The narrative explores how we shape our own identities, especially as denizens of different countries exposed to and immersed in diverse systems of meaning. inspirations from the designer sardinian heritage are combined with elements of her present life in London, expressed simultaneously, replicating metaphorically cubist compositions as states of mind.


Tailoring, CONTOURING AND couture techniques were reinterpreted to create high end bold hybrid seasonless designs, blurring the line between defined categorisations. Shingo Sato’s TRansformational reconstruction and creative pattern cutting techniques Were USED TO CREATE Contrasting features of sharp lines and soft drapes, giving a contemporary approach with aim for timelessness that embrace trends yet goes beyond them.

Development board.jpg

embellishments and prints have been designed and developed blending digital and artisanal techniques such as graphic and mixed media, digital printing, hand and machine embroidery construction and deconstruction.

Upcycled materials are utilised to create cascades of threads developed over weeks.

signature artisanal elements such as the hand embroidered oversize eyelets have been executed locally by the designer in collaboration with skilled Sardinian needleworkers using cork ‘sughero’ (one of Sardinia most versatiles raw materials) covered in upcycled threads.

Emboridery Development.jpg

Garments have been produced using luxury fabric deadstocks in order to create a collection made to be long lasting reducing the consumption of new raw materials.  Each piece has been prototyped using FABRIC leftovers in order to keep resources into the cycle and a sustainable approach. 

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